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DFW and YOU: Paradise from DFWandYOU on Vimeo.

DFW and YOU is a documentary film series and we’re proud to say that this—is our first installment! For this first round, we talked to a large spectrum of people in Dallas and Denton and focused on one question: Where is your paradise? As a crew we had a blast connecting with the people of the metroplex, an area we love and call home. We had such a great variety of answers, it was really hard to cut it down to five minutes.

Dallas Storm Timelapse // March 27, 2014 from Matt Johnson @ on Vimeo.

Last night around 8pm, my friend Stephen texted me saying the clouds were amazing. I went outside and saw one of the biggest thunderheads I’ve seen since moving to Dallas. I grabbed my camera, tripod, and wife and drove up to the Spring Creek Forest Park Reserve in Garland. There we had a great view of the storm from beside the road.

If you enjoyed this timelapse ,you may enjoy the one I filmed of the forest fires in Colorado last year //

1 2014 starlings 00011 from Dennis Hlynsky on Vimeo.

15 min of starlings congregating… gets good around 6 min

While neither random nor favorite; and by no means complete, thematic, nor comprehensive; here is my list of 21 songs from 2013 that struck a chord with me in one way or another. Enjoy!

The Pixel Painter from The Pixel Painter on Vimeo.

Hal Lasko, better known as Grandpa, worked as a graphic artist back when everything was done by hand. His family introduced him to the computer and Microsoft Paint long after he retired.

Now, Grandpa spends ten hours a day moving pixels around his computer paintings. His work is a blend of pointillism and 8-Bit art.

Meet 97-year-old Hal Lasko, The Pixel Painter.
See more work at

Director: Josh Bogdan (
Director: Ryan Lasko
Editor/Writer: Josh Bogdan
Director of Photography: Topaz Adizes (
Original Music: Jarrod Pedone
Original Music: Tyler H. Brown (

Everest -A time lapse short film from Elia Saikaly on Vimeo.
Experience the beauty of Mt. Everest at night in time-lapse. While most climbers slept, I attempted to capture some of the magic that the Himalayan skies have to offer while climbing to the top of the world.

Here’s a bit of what I endured at the end to make this possible:

One of the most rewarding parts of the journey was being able to share it with thousands of students on

This time lapse video is comprised of thousands of photographs, processed and assembled on Mt. Everest.

Shot on a Canon 5D Mark II
-Canon 2.8 16-35mm
-Canon 2.8 24-70mm
-Canon 2.8 70-200mm (which was way to heavy to carry beyond 6400M)
-TL Remote was purchased off eBay

Edited in Final Cut Pro
Processed in Adobe LightRoom
Movies compiled in Quicktime

Music: A Heartbeat away purchased on

I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

My stock footage, professional and charitable work can be see on my website at
And on FB:

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Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts Class of 2012 from The University of the Arts (Phl) on Vimeo.

(via 57thstreetbooks)

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bike rides & clear blue skies signal that spring has finally arrived! (at White Rock Lake Park)

Hearing @neilhimself at #txla13 (at TXLA13)

@Ishimusic #iiadacre8 (at Granada Theater)

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